Best of the Web for Windows Users – 1st Week of April 2013

This is the first time we have published a weekly episode of the “Best of the Web for Windows Users” and we did our best to include some very good recommendations for your reading. The beginning of April really caught our attention with diverse events and good materials about Windows, Windows Phone and Microsoft. We hope you will enjoy them. And, if you are happy to see this monthly series transformed into a weekly one, do let us know.

The Best Tech Related News

Just how much do people hate Windows 8? – Windows 8 may not be considered by some users the best Windows version yet, but it isn’t as hated as some would like you to believe. This editorial by Ed Bott shares interesting facts about what Windows 8 users had to say about this operating system. It seems that Windows 8 received more positive feedback than Windows Vista did. Also, it is holding up well in comparison with Windows 7, which is Microsoft’s most acclaimed operating system ever.

Windows Phone sees big gains at the expense of BlackBerry and Symbian – Even if Windows Phone isn’t a threat to Android or iOS in terms of marketshare, Engadget shares some good news about its growth as a solid third player in the smartphone sector.

Internet Explorer 10 almost doubles its users thanks to Windows 7 release – Ars Technica shares some other good news: even if Windows 8 grows its market share at a sluggish pace, Internet Explorer 10 just doubled its share. The “culprit” for this good news is Windows 7 and the recent release of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7.

Latest OS share data shows Windows still dominating in PCs - The latest data about desktop operating sytems shows Windows still dominating PCs: Windows XP continues to slide, Windows 8 is very slowly gaining traction, and Microsoft still dominates usage in the declining market for traditional PCs.

Windows Blue to be named Windows 8.1 - The big news about Windows Blue this week is that it will be named Windows 8.1. Most probably Windows Blue for Windows Phone will also be named Windows Phone 8.1. This is not surprising if you ask me.

The modern calendar experience for - The official Microsoft Office blog revealed a much awaited upgrade to the Calendar app available for The new Calendar uses a modern interface inspired by Windows 8. If you are an use you should try it out and share your feedback with Microsoft. They will surely find it useful when making changes and upgrades to this web application.

Microsoft updated Skydrive for iOS - If you are an iPhone user and you enjoy using the SkyDrive app from Microsoft, this is news you will appreciate: Microsoft has updated their SkyDrive app for iOS to version 3.0 and it now provides an even better user experience.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

Next, we have a few “how-to” articles you will enjoy reading:

Deskthemepack Installer for Windows 7 - Windows 8 and Windows 7 have different formats for Windows themes. While Windows 7 themes work in Windows 8, Windows 8 themes don’t work in Windows 7. This cool tool helps Windows 7 users run Windows 8 themes on their computers. You should try it out.

Create a Customized Tab on the Office 2013 Ribbon - This useful tutorial from How-To Geek shares how to customize the ribbon interface in Microsoft Office 2013.

How To Use an Android Tablet as Extended Desktop for a Windows PC - Our friends from Guiding Tech found a cool Android app that allows you to connect your Windows PC to your Android tablet and use the tablet as a second monitor for your PC.

Password protect Office 2013 documents - The folks from The Windows Club have published a useful tutorial, sharing how to protect your Microsoft Office 2013 documents.

Before you go, please do us a favor and share if you are enjoying this series. Do you want us to continue and provide it as a weekly series, instead of a monthly one?