Best of the Web for Windows Users – 13 - 19 May 2013

This week, Nokia launched its Lumia 925 in London, Microsoft caved in to demands from Google to include ads in their Windows Phone YouTube app and Internet Explorer 10 tested highest against malware attacks. ZDNet approved of Microsoft's recent response to user criticism of Windows 8 in their construction of the upcoming Windows Blue. SkyDrive improved its users' experience with a new photo timeline. For all this and how you can still play classic DOS games on your computers, read this week's episode.

The Best Tech Related News

First, the most interesting news of the week:

Nokia's first metal Windows Phone arrives. Meet the sexy Lumia 925 - The Lumia 925 was launched at a press event in London this week. It's the first Windows Phone to incorporate aluminum into the design and will come with the latest Windows Phone 8 update that adds FM radio support and a handful of other extras.

Internet Explorer 10 Much Better than Firefox and Chrome at Blocking Malware – Study - Security research firm NSS Labs tested current versions of popular browsers and found that Internet Explorer 10, with a whopping 99.96% of attacks blocked, is the most effective against malware.

Microsoft responds to YouTube demands, 'more than happy' to include ads if Google allows it - After receiving a cease and desist letter from Google because the Windows Phone YouTube app does not display ads, Microsoft has agreed to include advertising if Google is willing to provide access to their APIs.

With Windows Blue, Microsoft may (finally) do the right thing - ZDNet analyzed the rumors floating around the upcoming Windows Blue and found it refreshing that Microsoft seems to be listening to user feedback and demands.

New SkyDrive photo timeline and uploads 2x faster - Since they've noticed photo upload is SkyDrive's most popular feature, its creators have developed a timeline feature to simplify your viewing experience. now lets you chat with Google friends – one more reason to make the switch - has added Gmail contacts to their long list of people you can now chat with using their services!

Understand More with People Autosuggest - A new feature of Bing's Snapshot will provide users with image suggestions for the names they are searching for.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

Here are some useful tips and tricks from our friends in the IT blogosphere:

Setting up a junk PC for classic PC gaming - Super User debated the best ways to play classic DOS games on modern computers or by setting up an old PC just for that purpose.

HTG Explains: What is Bitcoin and How Does it Work? - You all read about the new Bitcoin and the controversy around it. If you haven't used this service and you want a better understanding of it, don't hesitate to read this guide.

Why do ISPs change your IP address? - Another more technical question answered by Super User this week concerns the difference between static and dynamic IPs and why ISPs have chosen to enforce the latter.

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