the Best of the Web for Windows 7 Users - November 2011

Today is the end of November and the time for us to share the best articles we could find this month: news, how-to guides, discussions and popular downloads. Read on to find more about the goodies we’ve found.

The Best Tech Related News

As usual, we start with the most interesting articles and news we found this month:

Can Microsoft cure PC makers of the crapware habit? - this article talks about the big difference between computers sold by PC makers in their own shops and those sold in Microsoft Stores. Unlike your standard Windows PC, the computers bought in the Microsoft Stores come with what is being called the Microsoft Signature experience. This means no bloatware, trial-ware and all kinds of unwanted applications installed on your computer. You get a working Windows 7, with faster boot times and a much better user experience.

Windows 8 Failure Could Set Off Tech Industry Chain Reaction - Paul Thurrott makes a very interesting point in this article. In his view, "No matter how successful Windows 8 is for Microsoft... it will mark a major shift for the software giant. And this shift will have enormous repercussions on its customers and on the tech industry." Have you thought what it will mean for the whole industry, if Windows 8 turns out to be a failure?

25 "Worst Passwords" of 2011 Revealed - are you wondering how bad your password security habits are? Read this article and find out. If you use any of the passwords mentioned in this article, you really need to change your habits. Check out this guide to find out how: Password Security - Turn Your Dumb Habits Into Geek Habits.

Lean, mean consuming machine: the Nook Tablet reviewed - I bet most of our readers heard of the Amazon Kindle Fire launch. However, not that many people know about the Nook Tablet launch that followed shortly, from Barnes & Noble. The folks at Ars Technica took it for a test drive and noted that the Nook offers a better experience than the Kindle Fire. Read this detailed review to find out more.

The Best Tech Tips & Guides

For the next section, we look at the best tutorials and guides we could find on the websites of our competitors:

10 Awesome Q&A Sites to Answer Your Burning Questions - Are you searching for good websites where to find help to your most burning questions? Our friends from Guiding Tech are sharing some of the best websites where you could ask your questions and actually get answers, no matter the topic.

Ten tricks every Windows 7 power user should know - Ed Bott shares a few simple and effective tips for all Windows 7 users. Many of them are good and worth trying on your own computer.

2 Cool Tools to Find and Fix Missing Movie Subtitles In Your Movie Collection - If you are watching movies in a foreign language, and you are having trouble with the subtitles, these tools can help you fix them.

How to Find and Download Free eBooks For Your Kindle - Speaking of digital book reading devices - this guide helps you find lots of free eBooks you can read on your devices. Definitely worth reading!

How To Create a Portable USB Version of Microsoft Office Starter 2010 - If you need to take Microsoft Word and Excel 2010 on your USB memory stick, and have them available for handling documents, check out this guide from How-To Geek.

Should laptops remain plugged in when their battery is 100% charged? - This is a very interesting conversation on SuperUser. I’m pretty sure many of you had this question and... finally you can find some good answers and explanations which are based on reality and not myth.

The Best of 7 Tutorials

Before we close this month’s episode, we would like to share with you this month’s most popular articles. Surprisingly, there are no tutorials in our top 3 list:

Roundup of Software Uninstallers - Reviewing IObit vs Ashampoo vs Revo - This test of software uninstallers was a major hit this month. We put a lot of work into and it and we are happy to see it pay off. If you haven’t read this article, you should definitely do so.

The Best Remaining Desktop Gadgets for Windows 7 - This roundup was published at the very end of October and it did not get the chance to become a “most-read” article that month. It did, however, become widely read this month and we decided to feature it now. If you want to know the best desktop gadgets that can still be found on the web, you should definitely look this article over.

Download the Dead Island Theme for Windows 7 - The Windows themes we share with our readers tend to be very popular. Not surprisingly, this month’s theme is one of the most read items on 7 Tutorials.

We would like to share also some of our top articles from 2 years and 1 year ago. Our site has become old enough for us to be able to do this:

Command Prompt - Advanced Commands for System Information & Managing Active Tasks - Last year in November, we ran a series of interesting articles about the power of the Command Prompt. One of our best articles is about commands that help you manage active processes and tasks in Windows.

How to Customize Windows 7 Themes - Two years ago we were into helping users handle the basics of Windows 7. If you need a good guide on customizing your Windows 7 themes, read this article.

How to Customize Network Sharing Settings in Windows 7 - Speaking of basics, we were also showing how to best set network sharing on your computer, so that you can share files and folders on your home network without problems.

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