Are You OK with Us Featuring Tutorials from Other Websites?

We have this idea to start featuring, once every week or two, an in-depth tutorial from other websites, that compete with 7 Tutorials. Before we starting doing this, we would like your opinion on the subject. Don’t hesitate to vote in this short survey and share your comments.

What Are We Thinking?

We would like to start recommending high quality tutorials created by other websites, on subjects we might not write about any time soon. We want to select only articles which are useful to Windows users and that do not cover subjects you can find on our website.

By doing so, we will help you discover other quality content on the web, provide even more useful help to all our readers and help other websites get more attention to their top quality articles.

We started doing this with our monthly Best of the Web for Windows Users series. However, we want to link to other great articles more often.

We will keep this series running and continue to write tutorials just like we did so far. It’s just that we want to provide you with even more quality content.

What Do You Think?

Do you approve this idea? Let us know through this short survey.

Also, if you have any comments and thoughts you would like to share, don’t hesitate to engage with us.