7 Tutorials is 1 Year Old! - Did You Enjoy the Ride?

Today we celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary. It was quite a ride and we want to share our side of the story. We are publishing stats about our subscribers, traffic details, most read articles, the highlights of the first year and our plans for the future. Click on read more, give this article a read and tell us what you think. Did you enjoy being a 7 Tutorials reader this year?

The Key Numbers - Subscribers, Traffic, Browsers, Countries

I would like to start with what we consider to be the most important metric: the number of subscribers via RSS and e-mail. We've managed to grow to 1023 RSS subscribers and 513 e-mail subscribers. It is a pretty healthy increase and we are happy to see more and more people reading us on a regular basis. We've also got 136 Facebook fans.

When it comes to traffic, the stats are as follows: 472 430 visits and 768 145 pageviews. This means an average of 39 369 visits and 64 012 pageviews per month.

7 Tutorials Traffic

The percentage of traffic coming from search engines has increased quite a lot in the last 6 months. Sixty percent of our visitors come to our site from search engines while direct visits represent 14.19%.

7 Tutorials Traffic

When it comes to the browsers people use, it seems Firefox lost a bit of ground compared to 6 months ago (42.31% vs. 45.38%), while Chrome has gained quite a lot (up to 11.75% from 9.20% six months ago). Internet Explorer is a strong 2nd place with 40.55% of the traffic.

7 Tutorials Traffic

When it comes to countries where 7 Tutorials is most popular, the list is not very surprising. Our visitors come from mostly English-speaking countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia. We are happy to see Romania (our native country) in the list of top-10 countries and a growing number of Europeans visiting us. Surprisingly we have South Africa taking the number 10 position. It was quite nice to see that we have a growing number of visitors from there too.

7 Tutorials Traffic

Top 5 Most Read Articles

In terms of popular articles, the list is as follows:

How to Burn DVD's with Windows DVD Maker
How to Connect to Wireless Networks
Make Vodafone Mobile Connect & Huawei Modems Work on Windows 7
How to Connect to Hidden Wireless Networks
How to Upgrade Your Windows 7 Test Version to the Final Release

Highlights of the 1st Year

Quite a lot happened in our first year. Here are a few highlights:

In September 2009, we won 3rd place in The Best Windows Website of 2009 competition, only 60 days after we launched.

In October 2009, we've started collaborating with the TinyHacker team.

We were featured a total 3 times on LifeHacker with the following topics:
Windows 7 Makes UAC Less Annoying Than Vista
How to Hide Fonts in Windows 7 That You Don't Use
Pin Any Item to the Windows 7 Taskbar

Got featured on Neowin after we published the interview with Will Austin, the man behind the Windows 7 wall.

Got featured on Revision3 - Tekzilla Daily Tip with our collection of Windows 7 shortcuts.

We had also lots of give-aways: licenses of ESET Smart Security 4, Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, BitDefender Total Security 2010, Kaspersky PURE and copies of Windows 7 Inside Out, a great book by Ed Bott, Carl Siechert and Craig Stinson.

On the less positive side, Alexandru Lazar had to leave the team due to personal reasons and we've discontinued our Security for Everyone series for quite some time. Fortunately for us, we were lucky to meet Chuck Houghton - a great guy from the US who recently started to resume the series. So... stay tuned for more on this front.

We've also changed the team quite a bit: some members joined and left quickly, others got demanding full-time jobs and had to stop writing at 7 Tutorials, etc. The good news is that we managed to stabilize things and now we've got quite a good team. For more details about its members, check our About page.

What is Next?

We've got plenty of ideas for the future - too many for the little time we have between our daily jobs and our family time. Luckily, there are some things we will do for sure:

  • Continue to show our love for our subscribers by publishing even more useful tutorials and giving away great products.
  • Publish our first eBook (and, with a bit of luck, even a true paper book). Stay tuned for more news on this front.
  • Continue our series on Security and Linux/Windows 7 interoperability. Plus some other surprises in terms of series of articles. Hint: Jack Busch is going to truly challenge his tech skills on this one. :)

Tell Us YOUR Opinion - Did YOU Enjoy the Ride?

We would like to thank you for reading & interacting with us. We appreciate it more than you think. Also, a big thanks to the team for keeping the 7 Tutorials story alive and kicking.

Before we go and you close this page, tell us what you think. What did you love and what did you hate about the first year of 7 Tutorials?

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