2 Years of 7 Tutorials - The Summary of our Adventure

Wow! Today, we celebrate 2 Years of 7 Tutorials! Amazing, isn’t it? Looking back, I can’t believe time has passed so fast. Well... today it is time to review our second year of activity. Let’s see how many people visited our website, how many return to our website on a regular basis, what was great and wasn’t so great about the second year of 7 Tutorials.

The Key Numbers - Subscribers, Traffic, Browsers, Countries

Let’s see the numbers about our subscribers:

  • RSS subscribers: 1813 vs 1023 (at the end of our first year) - 77% increase
  • E-mail subscribers: 859 vs 513 (at the end of our first year) - 67% increase
  • Facebook fans: 432 vs 136 (at the end of our first year) - 217% increase

When it comes to actual traffic numbers, the situation is as follows: 1.268.126 visits vs. 472.430 visits in the first year - 168% increase, 1.848.752 pageviews vs. 768.145 in the first year - 140% increase. This means an average of 105.677 visits and 154.063 pageviews per month.

Traffic Details

Versus the first year, the percentage of traffic coming from search engines has increased from 60% to 69% while direct traffic has decreased from 14% to 12%.

Traffic Details

The browser people most used to visit our website is no longer Firefox, it is Internet Explorer. However, percentage wise, Internet Explorer has dropped quite a lot - 36.66% of our visitors use it vs. 40.55% in the first year. Firefox is a close second place with 35.86%, decreasing from 42.31% in the first year. Chrome is the clear winner, growing from 11.75% to 20.26%.

Traffic Details

As usual, our visitors come mostly from English-speaking countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India and Australia make the top 5. Our home country - Romania, is still in the top 10. It is always nice to see this and we are hoping Romania will remain in the top 10 in the years to come. Tough mission though, as it is not a big country. :)

Traffic Details

Top 5 Most Read Articles

In terms of popular articles, the list has not changed too much versus the first year. Our top most read articles are the following:

How to Connect to Wireless Networks
How to Burn DVD's with Windows DVD Maker
Make Vodafone Mobile Connect & Huawei Modems Work on Windows 7
Top 7 Screen Savers for Windows 7
How to Connect to Hidden Wireless Networks

Highlights - Prizes for our Readers

As usual, we kept organizing give-aways to reward our readers. We shared quite a long list of prizes with our readers: 3 licenses of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, a whooping 20 licenses of Panda Internet Security 2011, 5 licenses of BitDefender Internet Security 2011, one license of BitDefender Total Security 2011, 2 signed print copies and 14 digital copies of our latest book Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step, 10 digital editions of Windows 7 Step By Step and Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Step by Step.

Highlights - Our First Book!

The biggest event for us, was the launch of our first book - Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step. We worked on it since the beginning of 2010 and, in January 2011, it was published worldwide. Right now we have ideas for at least another book. With a bit of luck and a lot of work, you will hear about our second book by the end of this calendar year.

Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step

Highlights - Editorial Changes

We had a few changes on the editorial side as well. The biggest change for us was having Marte Brengle - self-published author and former Lifehacker intern - joining our team. With her help, we reinvented the Genuine Help series.

On the less positive side, Jack Busch, one of the best writers we ever had, had to quit writing with us and take care of his growing family and also of a new & more demanding job.

Highlights - the Google Panda Update!

Another big highlight for us was the Google Panda Update. In the moth of April, after a big change in ranking algorithms done by Google, our site got hit badly: our PageRank got lowered from 4 to 3, which meant 35% less visits per day and 40% less revenue. After a bit more than 2 months - around June 25-27, Google updated their ranking algorithms again. Now we have an amazing page rank of 6. However, this has not translated into any substantial changes in traffic coming from Google. We are getting only 10% more search traffic vs. when we had a page rank of 3. This is very weird and we don’t understand very well what’s happening. If you experienced something similar, don’t hesitate to share with us. Maybe we can exchange some knowledge on this subject.

If you want to help us “get back on track”, read this article and the recommendations we posted there: We Got Hit by Google - Willing to Help Us?.

What is Next?

There are plenty of ideas of what to change and improve. However, we would like to leave some things as a surprise for you to discover when the time comes. The plans we want to share right now are the following:

  • Continue to show our love to our subscribers by publishing even more useful tutorials and product giveaways.
  • Expand our team of editors. We've already posted a few announcements for openings. If you are interested in writing with us, don't hesitate to let us know.
  • Upgrade the website to a newer engine of Drupal and make lots of changes and enhancements to it.
  • Work on our second book.

Tell Us YOUR Opinion

We would like to thank you for reading & interacting with us. We appreciate it more than you think. Also, a big thanks to the team for keeping the 7 Tutorials story alive and kicking.

Before we go and you close this page, tell us what you think. What did you love and what did you hate about the second year of 7 Tutorials? Is there anything you would like us to change?

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